A high percentage of his clients have had an unsuccessful surgery at another establishment and seek his professional advice, often flying in from other states and countries. Dr. Soroudi has successfully treated thousands of these eye conditions and holds three patents on a product that helps to relieve these conditions.

Stye / Chalazion

What is a chalazion?

A chalazion is a lump in the eyelid caused by a blockage of one of the eyelid glands that make mucus (the meibomian glands). The condition may lead to severe swelling, pain, redness, and inflammation on part or all of the eyelids.
Dr. Soroudi usually recommends treating such conditions with warm compresses and an antibiotic ointment for a period of a week. If the issues resolve, which they usually do, he can avoid draining the lump or injecting steroids (Kenalog).

Dr. Soroudi’s proprietary product, called the “Eye-press” is sold at over 10,000 pharmacies nationwide (including CVS and Rite Aid).

To order, please visit: http://www.eye-press.com 

Custom treatment for chalazions

If a chalazion does not resolve on its own, Dr. Soroudi uses a minimally invasive treatment to drain the area. Under a powerful microscope, he injects about one cc of 1% Lidocaine into the affected area, employing a special clamp to isolate the clogged gland. Using an ultra-sharp surgical blade, he makes a very small vertical slit into the affected gland, draining out the fluids. 

With the use of a curette (a surgical tool to clean the area), he makes sure the debris in the gland is removed. He then typically injects a tiny quantity of a special steroid (Kenalog) into the region to minimize inflammation. Most of his patients experience an 80-90% improvement the day after this procedure and 100% improvement within a week. If you have a chalazion, contact Dr. Soroudi today.

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What causes a stye?

A stye can occur when the eyelash hair follicle becomes inflamed, clogged, or infected. A swollen bump appears, which is often painful and visible. A stye can quickly become a matter of concern, both medically and aesthetically. Styes affect children more often than adults, but they can happen to anyone and are never welcome.

Treating a stye

Treating a stye with a logical, hygienic, and convenient means is possible with the Eye-press™. This solution created by Dr. Soroudi involves a simple self-heating chemical reactor that emits steady-state heat to the eyelids at a custom temperature. The thermal energy cannot harm the delicate eyelid skin. A soft, lint-free, medical-grade wipe material that is pre-moistened with hypoallergenic baby shampoo and lavender extract is used to clean the eyelids and soothe irritated eyes. 
Using this treatment can help you resolve a stye quickly and hygienically. A more serious, large, painful stye should be evaluated and treated by Dr. Soroudi, who can perform added techniques to restore health to the area.

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