What is collamer?

Collamer is a biocompatible product that has been used for years in the production of synthetic lenses to treat cataracts. The Visian ICL lens is a revolutionary medical product with an exceptional success rate. These implantable contact lenses deliver vision improvement at any distance, crisp and clear, whether in the daylight hours or at night. Visian ICLs are manufactured with built-in UV protection, which is ideal for those of us who live in sunny Southern California.

Lens exchange and ICL

The eye’s natural lens deteriorates over time, leading to cataracts. The proteins in the lens tend to clump together and stiffen, causing blurred vision. The lens becomes thicker and thicker and must be treated to avoid damaging the eye structure. Lens exchange is one of the most performed eye surgeries, as most people develop cataracts as they age. This is a different treatment than ICL, as the Visian ICL is an implantable contact lens rather than a replacement for the natural lens in the eye. With modern synthetic lenses, vision problems can be resolved for the long term.

Keratoconus and ICL

Keratoconus is an eye condition that affects the cornea and causes it to thin and bulge over time into a cone-like shape. You may become increasingly sensitive to light, develop blurred vision, or see halos or glare around lights. Keratoconus typically develops during puberty and progresses as you reach your mid-30s, but everyone is different, and some cases develop more rapidly. 

Research reveals that the implantation of a specialized “Toric” Visian ICL can be an effective treatment for keratoconus in some cases. After a serious case of keratoconus that required a corneal transplant to resolve, it is common to be left with nearsightedness. ICL implantation can help you achieve sharp vision at every distance so you can enjoy an improved quality of life.

Where is the ICL implanted in the eye?

The Visian ICLs, or implantable contact lenses, are placed just behind the eye’s iris, the colored part of the eyeball. The lens power is customized to resolve the client’s vision problems, allowing the light entering the eye to be correctly focused on the retina and sent to the brain through the optic nerve, with resulting clear, crisp vision. 

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A leading alternative to LASIK

Not every client is a suitable candidate for LASIK. At Soroudi Advanced LASIK & Eye Centers, each of our eye clinics is equipped with a gold-standard laser system, the Ziemer Z8 Femtosecond Laser.

This laser system is the newest and best in the LASIK industry, allowing for a much smaller surgical flap to be created. It can treat much higher prescriptions as well. However, for some clients, LASIK is not the best option, and ICL could be the ideal approach for your needs.

Why Choose Dr. Soroudi?

Dr. Soroudi is a world-class ophthalmologist and oculoplastic expert. Clients fly in from around the globe to undergo eye treatments, including ICL, thanks to Dr. Soroudi's expertise. Each of his eye centers offers a private Medicare-certified surgery center, in-house laser suites, and next-generation technology, catering to celebrities and discerning clients from all walks of life. If you are struggling with keratoconus vision problems or are tired of wearing glasses or contacts, you deserve to find out about the Visian ICL and enjoy the luxury care of one of the most highly-regarded ophthalmologists in the field of vision correction. 

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