What is keratoconus?

Keratoconus is a progressive condition in which the cornea thins, developing a cone-like bulge. The condition impacts the structure of the cornea, which is unable to maintain the natural round shape of the eye, leading to vision deterioration. In the initial stages, this condition may be treated with glasses or contact lenses, but as eyesight continues to deteriorate over time, treatment with Intacs implantation may be the optimal solution.

Slowing keratoconus progression

This treatment has a very crucial added benefit. It works to slow the progression of keratoconus. Residual vision issues can be addressed with PRK. Implanting this groundbreaking medical device can help avoid significant visual impairment, blurred vision, and other symptoms such as light sensitivity. 

What are Intacs for keratoconus?

Intacs are tiny, clear arcs of specialized plastic. They are inserted into the inner structure of the cornea to provide strength and stability. When inserted into the eye, the device flattens the cornea to restore the natural dome shape. This procedure can help correct vision but often still requires the client to wear glasses or contacts. Some clients who were previously unable to wear contacts due to the discomfort associated with the misshapen cornea can now wear them comfortably, as the bulge is flattened.

What can I expect from the Intacs procedure?

This procedure can be performed at our private, in-house surgical suite at Soroudi Advanced LASIK & Eye Centers in Beverly Hills & Los Angeles.

The procedure involves several steps:

  • The eye is numbed with topical anesthetic drops.
  • The eye will be held open with a special device to stop blinking, which is not uncomfortable.
  • A tiny incision is created with our advanced laser system.
  • The layers of the cornea are gently and delicately separated, and the Intacs device is placed in the ideal location to flatten the bulge in the cornea.
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World-class lasers for superior outcomes

At Soroudi Advanced LASIK & Eye Centers, we have equipped our facilities with the world’s most advanced laser system, Ziemer Z8 Laser. The use of our state-of-the-art system makes the treatment process safer, faster, and more precise.

Protecting your eyes from keratoconus

The micro-thin, semi-circular Intacs rings are delicately and precisely inserted into the cornea, flattening the cone-shaped protrusion and altering the shape and location of the bulge. These tiny rings both remodel the shape of the cornea and reinforce it, treating contour irregularities to improve eyesight. Depending on the extent of the condition, you may still need to use glasses or contacts, but the eyes are now reinforced and protected from the more serious stages of keratoconus. 

World-class vision correction treatments

If you have been diagnosed with keratoconus, you are likely feeling anxious and concerned about losing your vision. Dr. Soroudi and the professional team at Soroudi Advanced LASIK & Eye Centers are 100% committed to providing state-of-the-art solutions for keratoconus.

Dr. Soroudi’s credentials, experience, track record, and inventions have led to his reputation as one of the best eye surgeons in the world, and he caters to clients locally and from around the globe.

Dr. Soroudi has performed surgery on members of international royal families, Hollywood celebrities, professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, and billionaire clients who fly in to seek his services. Our three state-of-the-art centers are in Beverly Hills & Los Angeles. You deserve access to the latest technological advances, and we are fully equipped to serve you.

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