As the symptoms of glaucoma may not be noticed during the early stages of the disease, ensure you have a comprehensive yearly eye exam. Treatment performed during the early stages can protect your eyesight for the long term. One treatment option performed by leading eye specialist, Dr. Soroudi, is the placement of an implantable valve.

Severe glaucoma treatments

The elevated eye pressure of glaucoma can be managed with medicated eye drops or with a “MIGS” (minimally invasive glaucoma surgery), but every client is different, and these treatments may not be sufficient for everyone. In certain cases, Dr. Soroudi can treat the condition with an implantable valve.

What is an implantable valve for glaucoma?

The technology developed to treat glaucoma has continued to advance, with new devices becoming available. Next-generation implantable values are made of medical-grade silicone and designed specifically to avoid excessive fluid drainage. These devices are created to regulate fluid flow by changing shape as the fluid passes through the device. 

Who is a candidate for an implantable valve?

Age is the most common risk factor for glaucoma. Clients over 50 should have yearly eye examinations, which include evaluating eye pressure. If the eye pressure is elevated, treatment can be initiated right away before the optic nerve is damaged. Some clients do not achieve enough reduction in pressure with eye drops, and they may require a valve implant to resolve the condition.

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What can I expect from the procedure?

This delicate surgery is performed on an outpatient basis at our state-of-the-art in-house surgical centers. The treatment requires about one hour to complete. Your eye area is numbed with anesthesia, and you will receive intravenous sedation to keep you calm and relaxed.

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A comfortably fitting implantable valve

A tiny pocket is surgically created beneath the clear covering of the white of the eye (the “conjunctiva.”) The device is curved to fit comfortably on the structure. The valve is placed in this pocket, and the tiny tube inserted into the front part of the eye, so the liquid can drain, lowering eye pressure. The fluid collects in a pool above the plate section (called a reservoir or bleb) and is absorbed naturally by your body, lowering eye pressure.

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Severe glaucoma specialist Dr. Soroudi

Dr. Soroudi has implanted hundreds of these devices over the years and is an expert in managing severe glaucoma.

He performs this procedure with local anesthesia, completing the process in about 30 minutes in the comfort and privacy of his Medicare-certified surgery centers in Glendale, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, & Newport Beach, CA.

World-class service 

Dr. Soroudi and his team of medical support staff at Soroudi Advanced LASIK & Eye Centers are 100% committed to providing world-class eye care. Considering his credentials, experience, track record, and inventions, Dr. Soroudi is recognized as being among the best eye surgeons in the world. He caters to local clients, as well as those from other countries who fly in to undergo treatment with him. 

If you suffer from glaucoma, please come in for a comprehensive consultation, and Dr. Soroudi will review all your options with you.

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