The body’s natural system of eye drainage (“trabecular meshwork”) is partially blocked, allowing pressure in the eye to build up over time, which, if left untreated, will cause damage to the optic nerve and can eventually lead to blindness. 

What is OMNI Canaloplasty?

OMNI Canaloplasty is micro-invasive glaucoma surgery. This procedure involves reestablishing the eye’s natural drainage system by treating the drainage canal, called “Schlemm’s canal.” This unique eye structure works to maintain fluid balance by draining excess fluid in the eye. Unfortunately, this system does not always function as it should, leading to increased eye pressure and the risk of optic nerve damage and vision loss.

How is the OMNI system different from other micro-invasive glaucoma surgeries?

For clients who have open-angle glaucoma, it can be difficult to identify precisely where the blockage or drainage resistance is located, as it may originate in one of several natural drainage pathways. With the OMNI system, all three areas contributing to eye drainage resistance are treated to achieve success, whereas other more targeted approaches may have had limited efficacy. 

Two procedures in one intelligently designed device

The OMNI device is implanted to target all three drainage resistance points and manage eye pressure. The points consist of…

  • Trabecular meshwork: This is the main drainage pathway out of the eye. 
  • Schlemm’s canal: This vascular structure maintains eye pressure by draining fluid from the eye through a mechanism similar to the lymphatic system.
  • Collector channels: The outer wall of Schlemm’s canal functions as a corridor, allowing fluids to pass on their way to the venous system.
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Meet the next generation OMNI Surgical System

With the OMNI Surgical System, you can perform two implant-free procedures targeting three points of resistance with a single intelligent device. 

Soroudi Advanced LASIK & Eye Centers 

At Soroudi Advanced LASIK & Eye Centers, Dr. Soroudi, one of the most accomplished eye specialists in the Los Angeles area, can use the OMNI system to reduce eye pressure and, in many cases, the need for medication. His state-of-the-art centers are in Glendale, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, & Newport Beach, CA, and each has an in-house surgery center and laser suite, rarely offered by ophthalmologists in the region.

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What can I expect from my OMNI surgery?

Minimally invasive glaucoma surgery is safer and less invasive than older, traditional surgeries.

The procedure involves tiny incisions for faster healing and immediately improves eye pressure. It is implant and suture free. OMNI can be performed in conjunction with cataract surgery for clients who need lens replacement and have elevated eye pressure.

It is completed in minutes, with only local anesthesia, and has a fast recovery time. It is a procedure that may be the best choice for clients living with open-angle glaucoma and looking to reduce eye pressure and the use of pressure-reducing medications.

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