20/20 Vision Guaranteed or your Money Back!

Vision correction with All-laser Contoura LASIK

Dr. Soroudi has performed over 15,000 LASIK eye surgeries in Beverly Hills & Los Angeles and is widely known as among the best LASIK surgeons planet-wide. He is a fellowship-trained LASIK surgeon and a renowned specialist in LASIK vision correction.

Moving beyond the ability to detect only the cornea's curvature, the Contoura topography-guided LASIK system can measure minor corneal imperfections that inhibit optimal vision.

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We Guarantee 20/20 Vision or Your Money Back!

We are so confident in our technology and the artistry of Dr. Soroudi, who has performed over 15,000 successful LASIK surgeries, that we GUARANTEE clients qualified for LASIK will achieve 20/20 vision.

Dr. Soroudi is an internationally recognized, board-certified, subspecialty-trained Ophthalmologist who specializes in all aspects of vision corrective surgery, ophthalmic surgery, and eyelid plastic surgery. Having personally performed more than 30,000 successful eye and eyelid procedures, Dr. Soroudi is recognized as one of the most experienced, meticulous, and highly respected experts in his field.

What is the difference between regular LASIK & zLASIK?

The difference between regular LASIK & zLASIK is in the creation of the "flap" (the thin layer of the cornea that is lifted up during the procedure). Many LASIK centers still utilize a blade to do this very critical step. This makes the procedure risky, it can lead to small or off-centered flaps, and it can lead to thinning of the cornea and permanent dry eyes. Others use 20-year old Intralase lasers that use Femtosecond technology to do this. While this is a much better option, the Intralase laser often creates smaller flaps (~8.8-9mm), the Cornea is often swollen for at least a few days, and it almost always causes hemorrhaging of the eyes ("Sub-conjunctival Hemorrhages") which are unsightly. 

We utilize the newest Swiss Ziemer Z8 Laser to do this important step! This expensive technology creates beautifully centered 9.3mm flaps that are as thin as 90um in thickness! This allows for a wider treatment of the Cornea, improving the quality of vision, decreasing night haloes/glare, and by preserving the tissue under the flap, it allows Dr. Soroudi to offer LASIK treatments for patients with much higher prescriptions (up to -11.5 Diopters of Myopia and 6.5D of Astigmatism), who have been turned down by other centers! Also, the thin flaps prevent the development of permanent dry eyes, which is extremely important. Utilizing the Z8, it is extremely rare that Dr. Soroudi's LASIK patients develop unsightly hemorrhages on their eyes using this technology.

What is the Contoura LASIK system?

The best LASIK technology for superior vision correction outcomes. As a former biomedical and electrical engineer and a consummate LASIK authority, Dr. Soroudi ensures his clients are treated among the most innovative, cutting-edge technology currently on the market. The Contoura system uses a proprietary measurement system that can chart up to 22,000 unique eye contour points for unparalleled accuracy in eye mapping technology.

How does the Contoura LASIK system work?

The Contoura LASIK system takes eye mapping to a new level of accuracy. The device reveals a detailed cornea map and is an excellent option for nearsighted clients with astigmatism or both.

The Contoura mapping technology delivers a far superior accuracy than older LASIK devices. 

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What is the treatment like?

LASIK eye surgery in Beverly Hills & Los Angeles with the Contoura LASIK system takes about fifteen minutes to complete. You will not experience pain or discomfort but rest comfortably during the short, precise procedure.

Your blade-free LASIK surgery

The precision of the Ziemer Z8 Femtosecond Laser allows Dr. Soroudi to create super-thin, ultra-precise incision “flaps” in the cornea. LASIK vision correction can thus be offered to clients with much higher prescriptions, including 11 diopters of nearsightedness, +6 diopters of far-sightedness, and up to 6.5 diopters of astigmatism. 

What are the benefits?

It is the least invasive LASIK technology available worldwide.

This incomparable laser system is the fastest and least invasive technology available in the world. It transfers the least amount of energy to the cornea for a fast, painless procedure and a rapid recovery! With a combination of the Contoura eye mapping system and our next-generation laser, some clients enjoy 20/20 vision before leaving our clinic. 

The Ziemer Z8 system causes minimal redness after surgery. Older technologies, such as the Intralase laser, cause tiny hemorrhages on the white part of the eye (subconjunctival hemorrhages) that can linger for weeks after surgery; the Z8 minimizes this common side effect, and our patient’s eyes are white and comfortable by the morning after surgery.

What is the recovery?

Many clients see an immediate, dramatic improvement in vision, but patients vary in terms of how quickly they experience results. During your recovery, plan for the following:

  • Arrange for another adult to drive you home after surgery and help you purchase the medications you need for a faster recovery
  • Do not touch or rub your eyes
  • Rest for several hours wearing the eye shield provided
  • Follow all afterc