When considering surgery to correct cataracts or vision problems, this option can be far superior to standard monofocal lenses, representing the middle ground between a basic lens and a premium lens. 

The Cataract Procedure at Soroudi Advanced LASIK & Eye Centers

What is an Eyhance lens?

Eyhance lenses were developed by Johnson & Johnson and designed to make performing day-to-day tasks easier. Being able to see objects in the distance with greater ease and being able to drive safely at night are essential. For some clients, this lens is the ideal choice when undergoing cataract surgery.

Your vision and your lifestyle

A standard “monofocal” (single vision) lens will allow you to see clearly at a distance without glasses. You will still need to wear reading glasses for up-close vision, however. With Eyhance lenses, intermediate vision can be significantly improved. These lenses can also resolve astigmatism. 

Cataract surgery: Is Eyhance the best option for you?

After your cataract surgery, the blurry or dull effect of the clouded lens is resolved. The Eyhance lenses have taken the technology to the next level. These lenses deliver high-quality distance vision and improved vision in low-light environments.

Benefits of Eyhance

The benefits of these lenses include:

  • Improves the ability to clearly see objects at a distance
  • Can increase night driving safety
  • Lower risk of vision disturbances (halos, glare)
  • Improved intermediate vision
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Why choose us?

At Soroudi Advanced LASIK & Eye Centers, we are committed to ensuring our clients make a choice that enhances their quality of life for the long term. When under the care of Dr. Soroudi, an ophthalmologist and an oculoplastic expert, you can be confident that a highly-respected surgeon is treating you with a reputation for excellence in many eye surgeries, including LASIK in Beverly Hills & Los Angeles. You can expect VIP treatment from start to finish, and you will understand every detail about your choice of lenses, such as Eyhance.

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Concierge care in cataract surgery: Dr. Soroudi

Dr. Soroudi has performed surgery on members of international royal families, Hollywood celebrities, professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, and billionaires from many countries who come to the USA specifically to undergo cataract procedures. Our three state-of-the-art centers are equipped with next-generation, state-of-the-art technology. Dr. Soroudi’s support staff is exceptional and includes Dr. Sahar Zokaeim and Dr. Angineh Almassi, both board-certified optometric physicians specializing in pre- and post-operative management of cataract, LASIK, and eyelid surgery.

20/20 distance vision and enhanced intermediate vision with Eyhance

The breakthrough design of Eyhance creates a “progressive” power, allowing for greater life enjoyment during a range of hobbies, tasks, and recreational activities. If you have cataracts and need to undergo surgery, you deserve to find out about these advanced lenses and our other options. We can help you choose the best lenses for you, your lifestyle, and your budget. Our centers are equipped with the latest technology for enhanced safety, a faster treatment, and superior results. Call now.

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