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Vision problems and eyelid ptosis

The eyelids may begin to droop and sag in several different ways. Eyelid ptosis, while affecting your overall look, also impacts vision. The most common reason ptosis develops is that the tendon that keeps the eye open starts to stretch and weaken and can no longer easily support the weight of the eyelid. Some people have one eyelid that droops much lower than the other, but this aesthetic issue can be repaired to create facial symmetry and balance.

Before and 10 days after left upper eyelid Ptosis Repair by Dr. Soroudi, MD, MS

How is eyelid ptosis repaired?

There are two basic ways ptosis can be repaired:

  • From the outside, which requires cutting the eyelid skin to access the underlying tendon, called a “levator advancement” procedure
  • From the inside of the eyelid with no incisions, called a Muellerectomy or a Fasanella-Servat procedure

Both approaches are effective, and Dr. Soroudi will determine which treatment will produce the best results depending on the condition of your eyelids and the degree of sagging tissue. 

What can I expect from the procedure? Is it painful?

Dr. Soroudi performs both techniques at his in-house, private surgical center, with local anesthesia and intravenous sedation for patient comfort. You may return to your usual work activities in a day or two and can expect minimal bleeding or bruising. 

Transformative results

What sets Dr. Soroudi aside is his artistry, his focus on achieving the ideal cosmetic outcome, and his use of the most advanced technology and surgical techniques. His eyelid surgeries may be performed blade-free, causing almost no bruising. His techniques result in rapid recovery time when compared with traditional eyelid surgery.

Privacy, discretion, and advanced patient safety

Dr. Soroudi performs all eye surgeries at his in-house Medicare-certified surgery centers, not the back office, as you may experience with some other doctors. You will not need to go to a hospital outpatient surgery center either, saving you time and money and providing you with greater comfort, privacy, and individual care. Dr. Soroudi always has a certified registered nurse anesthetist present to ensure your utmost comfort and safety. If you are suffering from upper eyelid ptosis, or you wish you could restore a more youthful appearance, please make an appointment and meet with us for a VIP consultation. We strongly believe that it will be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

Some of the other cosmetic procedures in which Dr. Soroudi excels include:

Please call or email us to schedule your VIP consultation with Dr. Soroudi, and he can explain the benefits of these procedures, as well as the entire process. 

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A lauded cosmetic eyelid surgeon

Having consistently demonstrated his skills, attention to detail, and dedication to the needs of his clients, Dr. Soroudi is recognized throughout the industry as a talented cosmetic professional. He is also an associate member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and has been recognized by Angeleno Magazine as one of the most sought-after eye and eyelid specialists in the greater Los Angeles area.

Please note: Unfortunately, the patient above had dermal fillers (Juvéderm) injected under her eyes by a dermatologist prior to presenting to Dr. Soroudi’s office, which left her with bumps under her eyelids.

Elegant, natural results

If you choose Soroudi Advanced LASIK & Eye Centers for eyelid ptosis repair, you can be confident that you are being treated with the experience, skill, and artistry you deserve. Contact our office to schedule an in-depth consultation at one of our locations in Glendale, Los Angeles, or Beverly Hills, where we serve clients in the communities of Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Calabasas, Encino, Huntington Park, Westlake Village, Sherman Oaks, Woodland Hills, Santa Monica, and West Hills.

Meet with an experienced eyelid surgeon in Los Angeles

If you suffer from droopy eyelids, make an appointment to see Dr. Soroudi for an in-depth evaluation and to learn more about improving your vision and appearance.

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