Restoring vision at multiple distances with clear lens exchange

Refractive lens exchange can be an optimal procedure for vision restoration in clients over 45 years of age who need to correct both near and far vision, or for those who are not good LASIK candidates (those under 35 with farsightedness over +5D  and those over 50 with over +1D). To learn if you are a good candidate, you are invited to meet with us in a private, VIP appointment. Dr. Soroudi will examine your eyes and discuss all your options for optimal vision correction, including clear lens exchange. 

Strategic lens replacement surgery for vision correction

Clients who want to be free of glasses may not be the best candidates for procedures that reshape the cornea, such as LASIK or PRK. Poor candidates for these procedures include patients over 45 who have limited reading vision, high prescriptions, or thinner corneas. Clear lens exchange can be performed to do more than just resolve cataracts. This procedure is often the best approach to correct close-up and at-a-distance vision in people who are not candidates for LASIK. 

Why choose Soroudi Advanced LASIK & Eye Centers?

We have three private luxury eye centers in Glendale, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, & Newport Beach, CA. Each center has an in-house eye-specialty ambulatory surgery center and laser suite.

By contrast, almost all ophthalmologists in the Los Angeles area use “open access” surgery centers instead that provide less privacy and personalized care. 

A dedicated eye care authority

We are 100% committed to providing our patients with among the best in eye care in the world. Dr. Soroudi has exceptional credentials, experience, a remarkable track record, and has developed several inventions. He is widely known as one of the most trusted eye surgeons in the world today, and he caters to patients who fly from across the globe to have their eyes treated by him. 

All-laser, small-incision clear lens exchange

Dr. Soroudi is a world expert in performing 100% bladeless, all-laser, small-incision clear lens exchange surgery and lens-based vision correction. This procedure can correct several vision problems, including:

  • Myopia (nearsightedness)
  • Hyperopia (farsightedness)
  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia (age-related poor close-up vision)
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Traditional surgery vs. state-of-the-art surgery

For many decades, clear lens exchange was performed (and still is) with special surgical blades and manual instruments to make an incision in the cornea, open the lens capsule, and cut the natural lens into multiple pieces. As successful as this technique has been, there are occasions when adverse events have occurred, negatively impacting the outcome. Dr. Soroudi’s application of a “femtosecond” laser makes this procedure safer, more accurate, and reduces the risk of complications.

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Superior technology for superior outcomes

Dr. Soroudi is proud to be one of just a few eye centers in the Greater Los Angeles area that offers treatment with a next-generation Ziemer Z8 Femtosecond Laser, considered the most advanced femtosecond laser available worldwide. 

Next-generation laser system 

Our advanced laser device performs all the delicate steps of a cataract or lens replacement procedure with precision and accuracy in about two minutes.

This device has multiple benefits, including significantly reducing the risk of complications during surgery.

What can I expect from the procedure?

After the Ziemer Z8 Laser has precisely opened the lens capsule and broken the eye’s natural lens into tiny pieces, Dr. Soroudi utilizes the most advanced Alcon Centurion Laser to “emulsify” the lens material and gently remove it from the eye structure. To achieve the best outcome, this part of the procedure is performed with a state-of-the-art system.

Robotic technology enhances your results

Dr. Soroudi’s “phacoemulsification” robot uses the minimum amount of energy required to break up a cataract and gently suction out the debris while maintaining perfect pressure during surgery. This minimizes the risk of some of the most common complications. Dr. Soroudi has equipped his centers with this fantastic technology.

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Choosing the right lens for the sharpest vision

Once the lens is successfully removed from the eye, a high-tech “intraocular lens” is gently inserted in the tissue pocket where the natural lens had been. Before the surgery, the power of this artificial lens is calculated to ensure total vision correction. Sharp vision means freedom from nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. To this effect, Dr. Soroudi has equipped his eye surgery centers with next-generation IOL Master instruments to calculate the best lens power for each eye.

Ultimate accuracy at our state-of-the-art eye surgery centers

Incorrectly estimating the lens power for clients who have previously had refractive surgery (such as LASIK/PRK/RK) can impact treatment accuracy. To ensure the best outcome, Dr. Soroudi uses the Alcon ORA Technology while performing the procedure to confirm the correct lens power for each client. 

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