Combating cataracts

Cataracts are cloudy, dense areas that form in your eye’s lens. They occur when proteins in the eye clump and prevent your retina from receiving clear signals. Cataracts eventually compromise vision. According to the National Eye Institute, more than 50% of people in the United States have undergone cataract surgery or have cataracts by the time they reach 80 years old. At Soroudi LASIK and Advanced Eye Care Centers, we offer gold-standard treatment for cataracts, including the PanOptix Trifocal Lens, along with experienced support from our trusted team.

Are you ready to see clearly again?

Dr. Soroudi is an internationally-recognized, board-certified, subspecialty-trained Ophthalmologist who specializes in all aspects of vision corrective surgery; he is recognized as one of the most respected practitioners in his field. We use a technologically advanced, top-of-the-line system to treat cataracts called the PanOptix Trifocal Lens, as well as the newest medical laser systems. The PanOptix Trifocal Lens will allow you to see at thee distinct distances, minimizing your future need for glasses. 

The types of cataracts the PanOptix Trifocal Lens can improve include:

  • Cataracts affecting the back of the lens
  • Cataracts in the mid-region of the lens that cause the center to become brown or yellow
  • Cataracts around the eye edges that have a wedge-shape
  • Cataracts caused by medications, radiation, or diseases like diabetes
  • Cataracts that develop due to eye trauma

What is the treatment process like?

As a consummate perfectionist, Dr. Soroudi wants to ensure that everything about your PanOptix Trifocal Lens cataract surgery is flawless. Before your surgery, you will meet for a consultation that includes a thorough review of your medical history, as well as a discussion of preparatory steps. Your procedure will take place in our highly-accredited in-house laser and surgery center.

First, Dr. Soroudi will numb your eye. Then, he will make a small incision in the front of your eye using a state-of-the-art laser. He’ll use an ultrasonic probe to break apart the lens, destroying and removing the cataract. Finally, he’ll insert a new PanOptix Trifocal Lens, replacing the previous lens. 

What will my recovery entail?

The procedure generally takes fewer than 30 minutes, and you will rest for a little while before being discharged. You will need someone to drive you home from the surgery, and we recommend that you take at least 1 to 2 days off work. We will give you some eye drops to alleviate any discomfort and will see you a few days later for a follow-up visit. Generally, you can resume your normal activities — including driving — within a few days of your surgery. Most clients report having clearer vision within a few days of their PanOptix Trifocal Lens treatment.

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Why choose Soroudi Advanced LASIK and Eye Centers in Glendale, Newport Beach, and Beverly Hills?

We are committed to providing our clients with the absolute best in every kind of eye care, including LASIK in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills & Glendale. As an ophthalmologist and an oculoplastic expert, Dr. Soroudi has an excellent understanding of the eye's anatomy and nuances. His colleagues, Dr. Sahar Zokaeim and Dr. Angineh Almassi, are board-certified optometric physicians specializing in pre-and post-operative management of cataracts, LASIK, and eyelid surgery. When you want to improve your vision with the PanOptix Trifocal Lens, call Dr. Soroudi.

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